ZOR is based in Los Angeles, available worldwide, and is currently entertaining in Southern California.


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In the spirit of Prometheus, Agni, Atar,
and Maui, I invoke the Gods of Fire
to create a brilliant spectacle:
 Ball N' Chains, staffs, stilts, swords, eating, spitting,
clubs & claws, burning psychedelic coils of fire through the darkness to inspire the dreamer, awaken the warrior, enravish the lover, amaze the child, and of course, light up the guests

Shows are 5-25 minutes.

Additional performers/musicians available.
fire entertainers    fire dancers    fire eaters    firebreathers
stiltwalkers    drummers    various circus acts

Costumes/Music/Presentation will be adapted to suit anything from a bachelorette party to a bar mitzvah.

All safety precautions are taken, and can be safely adapted to most spaces, inside or out.

Brilliant BLACKLITE ELECTROLUMINESCENT performance available if venue is not firesafe.

I am even a PanDragon Stiltcreature, a silent Stiltwalking character that playfully and provocatively engages the unwary Humans below.

Contract/References/Insurance available.

Festivals Revivals
Clubs, Raves Weddings
Private Parties Private Lessons
Corporate Events Children's Events
Traveling Shows Healing Rituals

"An exquisite balance of the masculine/feminine.
That was surreal."